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Due to some discrepancies, some events had to be mentioned more than once in different years. Don't blame me, they're all canon. It's just that in different episodes events were mentioned with different dates to come with them. But, as I said, they're all based canon.

The Quantum Leap Timeline


- Al Calavicci's birth; Friday, June 15 (since he was 23 in 1957; A Leap For Lisa); According to Al, his father was an immigrant from Abruzzi, Italy; from his mother's side he's got some Russian blood;


- Trudy Calavicci's birth; (since she was 16 in 1953)


- Al's mother abandons her family by running away with an encyclopedia salesman; his father puts Al and his sister Trudy into an orphanage because he doesn't have the time to take care of them and had to go as far as Middle East for a job. He was a construction worker.

- At some time, Mr. Calavicci and his girlfriend used to sneak Al out of the orphanage for homemade Risotto with Chianti. (Double Identity) So he can't have spend the whole time in Middle East.


- Al's father has earned a great deal of money in Saudi Arabia and buys a house for the family to make a new start, but shortly after dies of cancer.

- Al breaks up with the Church because his father told him everything would be okay if he prayed; he did, but it wouldn't.

- He ends up in an orphanage, his mentally retarded sister Trudy in an institution;

- At age ten, Al runs away from the orphanage and spends a few month with pool legend Charles 'Black Magic' Walters, who intends to help him find a new family. But Black Magic is arrested for playing pool in a 'whites only' bar and Al is send back to the orphanage.


- Al claims having fought Golden Gloves at age 16. (Right Hand of God)


- Sam Beckett's birth; Saturday, August 8, 12:30 p.m.; Elk Ridge, Indiana; Son to dairy farmers John Samuel and Thelma Loise Beckett;

- Trudy Calavicci dies of pneumonia in a mental institution at age 16;

- Al came to get Trudy out when he was 'old enough' but he was too late. (year isn't given)


- Donna Elesee's birth (since she was 30 in 1984);


- Al goes to flight School; We don't know in which year he started out or graduated, though.


- Katie Beckett's birth; There was some big flood at the time.

- Ensign Al Calavicci is falsely accused of murdering his commander's wife, Marcy Riker, which is erased from the time-frame after leaping Bingo back and preventing his best friend, Chip, from accidentally killing her;

- Ensign Calavicci dates Navy nurse Lt. Lisa Sherman. In the original timeline, she died in a car accident on Saturday, June 22, which is also prevented on this leap.

- Four-year-old Sam Beckett writes a letter to Captain Galaxy, asking him to explain his timetravel theory.


- In Rebel Without A Clue, Al claimed having met Jack Keruac in his plebe year at Annapolis in 1958.


- In June, Al marries Navy nurse Beth. (They were married for 8 years in 1969.) They spend their honeymoon at Niagara Falls; (where Al will also spend his third and fifth honeymoon later)


- During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Al flies missions over Cuba.

- Sam's father gives him a sledge for Christmas and Sam plays in the snow with his brother all day.


- Sam's father teaches him to drive a tractor. Supposedly sometime around November because Sam recalls doing so when he heard that President Kennedy was shot.

- Donna Elesee's father abandons his wife and daughter.


- Tom Beckett plays Basketball for Elk Ridge High School.

- In the summer holidays, Sam makes a cross-country trip with his family. (Could also be summer of 1964 or '66. Sam wasn't sure whether he was 11 or 12.)


- Al's A-4 is shot down over Vietnam - near Cham Hoi - and he's taken prisoner by the VC; he's going to be repatriated after at least six years in POW camp; (he's been missing for "over two years" in 1969)


- Samantha Josephine Fuller's birth; supposedly in March for Sam leaped there in June of 1966;


- Assuming her husband isn't going to come back, Beth has Al declared dead and marries lawyer Dirk Simon in June; ((Sam prevents this in Mirror Image by telling her that Al's going to come back. She obviously waits for him then and they have four daughters.))

- Before going off to Vietnam, Tom Beckett comes home to Elk Ridge for Thanksgiving.

- Sam plays basketball in the Elk Ridge High School team. One day after Thanksgiving they have an important match against the Bentleyville Tigers which they didn't win in the original history. But Sam changed that in The Leap Home, pt. I.


- Sam graduates from high school at the age of 16 and goes on to College. According to his father, he had been offered about a dozen scholarships, but had narrowed them down to MIT or CalTec. Actually, he wanted to play Basketball like his brother, but Tom convinced him that physics where more Sam's field. Tom had spoken with an MIT-professor (maybe LoNigro?) who told him that an intelligence like Sam's comes along only once in a generation.

- Wednesday, April 8th, Tom Beckett dies during Operation Lazarus in Vietnam that was supposed to free some POWs, including Al, that turns out to be an ambush. (Sam prevents Tom's death in Leap Home, pt. II.)

- Journalist Maggie Dawson shoots a picture of Al being led down a path by the VC which most likely resulted in his status being changed back from assumed dead to MIA.


- Sam graduates from MIT summa cum laude ("with highest honors") after two of four years.

- Sam mentioned spending a lot of time at the mountain lodge of his Professor Sebastian LoNigro. They worked on his string theory that's going to be the basis of Quantum Leap later. The last time he was there was in Summer of 1973.

- Sam plays the piano at Carnegie Hall at age 19. (could also be 1973)

- John Beckett dies of a heart attack (coronary). (according to Leap Home)

- Donna Elesse studies at Lawrence College, Ohio. Her main field is science but she's also in Dr. Bryant's Literature Class.

- As Dr. Bryant, Sam drives her to the Watergate Building to reunite her with her father, Colonel Wodjohowitz, on June 17.


- Al comes home from Vietnam (according to M.I.A.)


- John Beckett dies of a heart attack. (according to Genesis)

- Thelma Beckett moves to Katie and her second husband, Jim Bonnick, who live on Hawaii some time after John's death. But that probably happened a little later since:
- At age 17, Katie Beckett marries an abusive alcoholic named Chuck.


- Al comes home from Vietnam (according to Leap Home, pt. 2)


- Sam meets Donna Elesee when he's joining Project Star Bright while Donna is leaving the project.

- He meets Al at Star Bright, too. Sam says when they first met Al was drunk and beating a vending machine that had eaten his dime. They wanted to remove Al from project Star Bright, but Sam stood up for him and helped him to get dry because, as Sam said, he felt that underneath the alcohol and anger Al was a wonderful person.

- On Tuesday, June 5th, Sam and Donna get married. In the original timeline, Donna stood him at the altar, but he changes that by reuniting her with her father (see 1972) -- in Star Crossed Sam jokes: "No offense, Al, but this time I'm going to make Ziggy my best man." I'll take it that Al was Sam's witness to the marriage, then.


- Sam steps into the quantum Accelerator and does his first leap in time

Undated Events

- Al marries four more times between 1973/75 and 1995.
- Al studies at MIT.
- In the late 70's, Al is an astronaut and orbits the moon in a spacecraft.
- Sam got a Nobel prize, probably in quantum physics.
- Sam earns 6 or 7 degrees.
- At some point of his life, Al was stationed in Japan.
- Tom was county Basketball champion at age 18.
- Al started smoking cigars when he came to Vietnam.
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