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1. The Series

The answers to Quantum Leap's Frequently Asked Questions.

- Episodeguide
All episodes of this terrific series with short description.

- Leap-In
Overview of episodes with title, date, leapee's name and place.

- LeapYears
Cronological Order of Leaps

2. Fan Trivia
- Books
List of Quantum Leap books with cover, short summary and reading sample.

- DVD Season Boxes
Cover scans, special features, technical data

- Quantum Devotion
Read stories of how people got devoted to Quantum Leap. Or send your own story in!

- Obsessed Leapers
How do you recognize weather you are Quantum Leap obsessed? Find out at the Obsessed Leapers page.

- Links
Check out some other great Quantum Leap sites on the web.

3. Music
- Soundtrack
List of songs on the soundtrack, the lyrics and cover.

- Songlist & Lyrics
List and some lyrics of songs played and sung in Quantum Leap aside from background music.

4. Fan Fiction
- Timeline
What did Sam do in 1972? When was Al born? Find out at the QL Timeline.

- How to write Fan Fiction properly
An essay on Fan Fiction and writing.

- Conversation Synonyms
Other words for 'said' and such.

5. Biographies
- Filmbiography Dean Stockwell

- Filmbiography Scott Bakula

- Short biography Scott Bakula

- Short biography Dean Stockwell

- Short biography Sam Beckett

- Short biography Al Calavicci

6. Pictures
- Family Album
Pictures of Sam's and Al's family members.

- Project Personnel
Pictures of Project Quantum Leap personnel.

- Old Friends
Pictures of old friends they met on leaps.

- Kiss With History
Pictures of famous people met on leaps.

- Picture Show
3 JavaScript picture shows parted into the categories Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. Requires JavaScript capable browser.

- Bingo, Bango, Bongo
Page dedicated to Al's younger self.

7. Just for Fun
- Birthday Page
How much time left until Sam or Al's next birthday? Find out at the birthday page. (Requires JavaScript capable browser)

- Questionnaire
Test your knowledge and find out how many questions you can answer.

8. About
- Disclaimer
Eddy C's QL Corner disclaimer page.

- Contact
Write me a mail or sign my guestbook to contact me.

- Site Updates
Recent Updates to this web site.

- Index
Site index/Site-Map.

- Wallpaper
Quantum Leap Wallpaper created by Eddy C.

- Swiss Cheesed
Download the Quantum Leap font 'Swiss Cheesed'. (9.18 Kb)

- Sounds
Download Quantum Leap sounds

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