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Psychological Profile: Quantum Leap Obsession

How to recognize whether you're affected:

  1. Your computer is named Ziggy.

  2. Every time something embarrassing happens, you say, "Oh, boy."

  3. If you feel lost, you start wondering what the hell is taking your observer so long.

  4. Upon getting into a situation where you don't know what to do, you look at your invisible friend for support. I bet he's called Al - or at least something with Calavicci - too.

  5. If your remote control or calculator don't work as they should, you slap at them.

  6. Every time you play pool, you try to calculate the ball's path with Pytagoras first. You probably named your cue Alberta or Bashiba, too.

  7. August 8th and June 15th are marked red on your calendar.

  8. You state possibilities in percentages.

  9. You keep confusing your calculator for a handlink.

  10. During philosophical discussions, you find yourself talking about GTFW (God, Time, Fate or Whatever).

  11. While watching Enterprise, you keep wondering when Al is finally going to show up.

  12. Someone reminds you of something in your past that you can't, by any means, remember; you answer, "I Swiss-cheesed that out."

  13. You listen to music of the 50's, 60's and 70's and can name almost every oldie if it was played on QL, complete with the episode it appeared in.

  14. You catch yourself quoting the series.

  15. You watch every film or series episode if Dean or Scott starred in it, no matter what it is.

  16. Every time someone says something similar to a QL scene, you are reminded of it and burst out laughing.

  17. You catch yourself wondering what he would do if Sam leaped into you right at this moment; you ask yourself, too, how you would react if you found yourself in the Waiting Room right then.

  18. Your computer sports a QL background, screensaver and/or makes QL sounds.

  19. Expressions like "Oh, boy,"; "Uh, uh,"; "Ain't that a kick in the butt?"; "Nozzle,"; "Bingo," and "Bingo, Bango, Bongo" have become a common part of your vocabulary.

  20. Your English teacher mentions Samuel Beckett and you feel a smile creeping up on your face.

  21. Your webname, synonym and/or email address contain some QL related names or expressions.

  22. You catch yourself echoing Sam's or Al's gestures; like toying with a pencil as if it were a cigar although you don't even smoke, e.g.

  23. You watched most episodes so many times you almost know them by heart. You constantly confuse non-leaper friends with quotes and insider jokes they don't understand, too.

When I created this list, I realized just how obsessed I really am. It's scary. :)

Have you noticed something obsessivly Quantum Leap related in your behavior you think is missing here? Tell me.

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