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The last gunfighter

How well do you know the series? Find out at my Quantum Leap Questionnaire!
Some questions are easy ones and some are a little harder.
Have fun!

People from the past:

1. What's the name of Elk Ridge's sheriff?

2. How was the boy with mild Down-Syndrom in Shock Theatre called?

3. Name all personalities Sam believes to be in Shock Theatre.

4. What's Captain Galaxy's real name?

5. Since when has Max Stoddard been interested in UFOs?

6. Who escaped from the Waiting Room in Killin' Time?

7. Into whom did Sam leap in The Leap Home, pt. 1?

8. How did the bartender in Mirror Image call himself?

9. Whom did Sam meet for the first time when he leaped into Jimmy LaMotta again?

10. What was the name of the parapsychologist Sam leaped into in A Portrait for Troian? Who could be seen as his mirror image?

11. Who killed Leta Aider?

12. How old was Cameron Wilson when Sam leaped into him?

13. What's the name of Cam's older sister?

14. What, according to Sam, could you do with Cam's brackets?

15. What's Joshua Ray's profession?

16. From what country was Charlie McKenzie returning?

17. Who was Bingo's best friend?

18. What was the stewardess in Ghost Ship called?

19. How old was Bingo in A Leap for Lisa?

Project Quantum Leap:

1. How much tax money does PQL take a year?

2. Where is the project located?

3. What suit do you need when activating the accelerator?

4. Who's the chief programmer at the project?

5. Who replaced Al in A Leap for Lisa?

6. How was Ziggy called in that other timeline?

7. What's a quark?

Project Evil Quantum Leap:

1. Who's the leaper at PEQL?

2. What's their computer called?

3. Who is the observer?

4. Who was the observer in the third Evil Leaper episode?


1. How much siblings does Sam have? What are their names?

2. State the names of Sam's parents and their profession.

3. What was the name of Al's first wife?

4. What was Al's sister's name?

5. What are Beth's favorite flowers?

Al Calavicci / Sam Beckett:

1. What was Al's nickname as a young pilot?

2. When were Sam and Al born?

3. How much languages is Sam fluent in?

4. What foreign language does Al speak fluently?

5. Where did Sam grow up?

6. What's Sam's IQ?

7. What's Sam's favorite song and who sang it?

8. What does Sam say in the pilot does he do when feeling lonely?

9. What eye color do Sam and Al have?


1. What time was it when Sam leaped into Tom Stratton?

2. What song was played on the radio? Who sang it?

3. Which song was coming to an end when Sam leaped in in Good Morning, Peoria?

Places / Times :

1. What's the little mining bar in Mirror Image called?

2. What kind of place is Sam in in Running for Honor?

3. What state does the episode All-Americans play in?

4. What is the date for Sam in The Leap Back?


1. How many Mach was Sam supposed to fly in the pilot?

2. What nationality was the wrestling tag team Sam belonged to for a short while?

3. What kind of serpent does Joshua Ray own?

4. What kind of plane does Sam cross the Bermuda triangle in?

5. What language was the diary in Good Night, Dear Heart written in?

6. Which musical was acted out in Catch a Falling Star?

7. What was - in Al's opinion - Nigel Covington in Blood Moon?

8. What does Sam fill into the tank to beat Bob during the car race?

9. What did Sam try to throw at Al in Stand Up?

10. What was the name of Andrew Ross' guide dog in Blind Faith?

11. What song was Sam asked to sing at his "brother's" wedding in Double Identity?

12. What question of Bingo's did Al answer with the words: "I am you."?

13. Who did Sam think Al to be in the Pilot because nobody except Sam could see him?

14. What is the name of the actor who played bartender Albert? In what series did he portray Jack Dalton? What Quantum Leap episode did he also co-star in and what was the name of the character he played?


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