Project Personnel

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  Dr. Samuel Beckett,
Actor: Scott Bakula
Honeymoon Express
  Admiral Albert Calavicci, USN,
Actor: Dean Stockwell
Honeymoon Express
(project's hybrid-computer)
Spoken by: Deborah Pratt
The Leap Back
(Chief programmer)
Actor: Dennis Wolfberg
Mirror Image
  Dr. Donna Elesse,
(Sam's wife)
Actress: Mimi Kuzyk
The Leap Back
(Pulse Communication Technician)
Actress: Gigi Rice
The Leap Back
  Dr. Verbeena Beeks,
(project's psychiatrist)
Actress: Candy Ann Brown
Shock Theatre
  female officer,
Honeymoon Express
  Edward St. John V.,
(project observer/alternate timeline)
Actor: Roddy MacDowall
A Leap for Lisa
  senate subcommittee,
Honeymoon Express
  Senator McBride,
(Commettee's Chairman)
Actress: Alice Adair
Honeymoon Express

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