Quantum Devotion

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Experiences with Quantum Leap

My very first QL episode was Nowhere to Run. I was about eight years old and zapped in by chance. I liked it a great deal, though I didn't really grasp the concept right then.

Five years later, the few half-memories I still had about this single episode I had seen long forgotten, I considered watching the Pilot. I wasn't entirely sure whether to do so because there was another show I watched regularly on another channel at the same time, and this stupid German title, Zurück in die Vergangenheit, didn't really sound very exciting; rather like another of those cheap SciFi B-movies. But for some reason I did watch it, and liked it so much I didn't miss one episode.

I didn't remember having already watched it before until they reran Nowhere to Run and I got this strange déjà vu feeling. It was really weird until I finally did remember.

I didn't, though, have the foresight to tape the show right away, so I had to wait for the rerun two years later. By then, I was a real fan, had a bad crush on Al and collected everything that had to do with Quantum Leap.

Now I'm really obsessed with this series and think it's the best show ever aired.

It's really amazing how such a single minor choice like what you watch on TV one evening can alter your whole life ...

How did you get devoted to Quantum Leap? I was planning a page that dealt with exactly this topic. So send me your stories if you wanna have them displayed here. I'm exited to hear them!

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