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Personal Data

Name: Dr. Samuel Beckett
Birthday: August 8, 1953

Place of Birth: Elk Ridge, Indiana
Parents: John Samuel and Thelma Loise Beckett
Siblings: Tom and Katie

Married to: Donna Elessee (1984)
Children: Samantha Josephine Fuller (1967)

Social Security No: 563-86-9801


Samuel Beckett was born August 8, 1953 and raised on a dairy farm in small-town Elk Ridge, Indiana with his two siblings: younger sister Katie and older brother Tom.

Being a child genius, Sam could read at age two, solve complicated equations at age ten and beat a chess computer at twelve.

For his IQ lies somewhere at 267, the Times called him the next Einstein. He holds seven degrees, a Nobel prize and is fluent in seven modern and four dead languages.

Sam started studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) at the age of 16 and went through two of four years summa cum laude (with highest honors). He also played the piano in the Carnegy Hall at the age of 19.

Samís brother died in Vietnam on April 8, 1970, which he changes on one of his leaps.

His father died somewhere in the early to mid seventies and his sister eloped with abusive alcoholic Chuck at age 17. She later divorced Chuck, married Lt. Jim Bonnick and lives with him and her mother on Hawaii.

In 1984, Sam joined a project named Star Bright, where he met both Al and his wife, Donna Elesee.

He then started his own project, Project Quantum Leap, and now leaps about in time to put right what once went wrong.
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