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Personal Data

Full Name: Robert Dean Stockwell
Birthday: March 5, 1936

Place of Birth: North Hollywood, California
Siblings: one brother, Guy Stockwell

Married to: Millie Perkins (1960, divorced 1962)
                 Joy Marchenko (1981, divorced 1996)
Children: Austin (1983) and Sophia (1985)


Robert Dean Stockwell was born March 5, 1936 in North Hollywood.

His parents were both in show business, and when Dean was six, his mother took him and his brother Guy to a casting in a theater play, where he was seen by a talent scout and MGM signed him to a contract. His first film was Anchors Aweigh in 1944 and was followed by a number of other appearances.

Since no one had asked him whether he wanted to be an actor, Stockwell dropped out of the business after finishing high school, changed his name and for five years tried all sorts of odd jobs.

When he finally ran out of things to do, he gave the show business a second try and soon became famous with films like Compulsion and Long Day's Journey into Night.

In the 1960s, though, he dropped out of business again and went along with all this hippie stuff, making up for the childhood he'd not had when he was a kid.

The second return to the business after that wasn't as easy. He got occasional minor roles on television and in movies and, finally, after he had almost given up the business altogether, was successful with supporting roles in films like Dune and Blue Velvet. In 1989, he got an Academy Award nomination for his role of Mafioso Tony Russo in Married To The Mob.

By this time, he was looking for a series and got the part of project observer Al Calavicci on Quantum Leap, which was a big success and won him a Golden Globe Award as Best Supporting Actor in 1990. His fans also bought him a star on the Walk of Fame through a nationwide recycling campaign.

Stockwell does a lot of work on educating people on environmental issues and currently has, among others, a recurring role in Don Bellisario's J.A.G.

Check out his quite long Filmbiography.
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