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Personal Data

Name: Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci, USN
Birthday: June 15, 1934

Place of Birth: unknown
Parents: father: Italian; mother: partly Russian
Siblings: Trudy (deceased)

Married to: Beth (1961, divorced 1969)
                 unknown (divorced)
                 Ruthie (divorced)
                 Sharon (divorced)
                 Maxine (divorced)
Post MI:      Beth (June 1961)
Children: unknown
Post MI:   four daughters


Al Calavicci was born June 15, 1934, son to an Italian immigrant who worked as a construction worker and a mother with Russian ancestry.

His mother abandoned the family when he was about five. She ran away with an encyclopedia salesman because her husband never took much care of her and she couldn't cope with Al's younger sister, Trudy, being retarded.

Since his father couldn't take care of them - and died when Al was about 10 - Al ended up in an orphanage and his sister in an institution, where she died of pneumonia at age 16.

Al fought Golden Gloves at the age of 16, joined a circus for a while and did summer stock just to get out of the orphanage. Then he joined the Navy, graduated from Annapolis and became a pilot.

In June 1961, Al married Navy nurse Beth, who he says is the only woman he ever truly loved.

But in the late 1960s, he was shot down over Vietnam and spend six (eight) years as a POW. Repatriated in 1973 (1975), he learned that Beth hadn't believed he could make it and had him declared dead in 1969 to marry lawyer Dirk Simon.

After that, Al remarried four times, joined the space program to orbit the moon in a space shuttle and eventually ended up working at StarBright, where he met Sam and later helped him build Quantum Leap.

He now acts as project observer and tells Sam what he has to do to leap.

At the end of Mirror Image, Sam changed Al's life drastically when he told Beth that Al was not dead and going to come home.

Now, he's still married to Beth and they have four daughters. Whether he still works at Project Quantum Leap or even knows Sam is unknown.
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