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>> Smallville
        USA 2001-present


German Title:

First Aired (US):
October 16, 2001 on WB

First Aired (Germany):
January 3, 2003 on RTL

Running Time:
132 episodes à 45 Min.
6 Seasons

Executive Producers:
Joe Davola
Brian Robbins
Alfred Gough
Mike Tollin
Miles Millar

Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Kal-El
Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor
Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang
Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan
Samuel L. Jones as Pete Ross (seasons 1-3)
Annette O'Tool as Martha Kent
John Schneider as Jonathan Kent (seasons 1-5)
Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman (season 1)
John Glover as Lionel Luthor
Erica Durance as Lois Lane (recurring season 4, season 5-present)

The show deals with the life and adventures of the young Clark Kent and his problems growing up in Smallville, Kansas, which has been severely influenced by the kryptonite comet ...

It's hard to say something about Smallville as a whole because they drastically change the concept with every season.

To my dismay, it also moves more and more away from what I associate with Superman with every season. Especially if you are a fan of Superman: The New Adventures of Lois and Clark, I would not recommend watching it. Almost no matches whatsoever. It's a pity since the original idea to look into Clark Kent's youth and dealing with the problems of being what he is was quite good. They could have made more of it.

Season 1: repetitive adventures, always the same basic plot: there was a "freak of the week", i.e. a new character mutated by the kryptonite whom Clark had to deal with; still, season 1 was reasonably diverting and entertaining to watch.

Season 2: more plot, more character development, less 'freaks of the week'; overall: quite enjoyable

Seasons 3-5:start to mess with the legend as Clark meets people he's not supposed to meet just yet (including Perry White & Lois Lane), the plots begin to get more and more violent and nonsensical, and the characterizations get a little over the top ...

Towards the later seasons, it is really no pleasure to watch anymore!

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:
Opening Theme: 'Save Me' by Remy Zero

The show is shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.