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>> Odyssey 5
        Canada 2002


German Title:
Odyssey 5

First Aired (US):
June 21, 2002 on Showtime

First Aired (Germany):
June 6, 2004 on Sat.1

Running Time:
20 episodes à 42 Min.
1 Season

Written by:
Manny Coto

Directed by:
Stephen Williams, Ken Girotti & Peter Weller

Jim Michaels

Executive Producers:
Manny Coto & Jonathan Glassner

Peter Weller as Chuck Taggart
Sebastian Roché as Kurt Mendel
Christopher Gorham as Neil Taggart
Leslie Silva as Sarah Forbes
Tamara Craig Thomas as Angela Perry
Kenneth Mitchell as Marc Taggart
Gina Clayton as Paige Taggart

Also Starring:
Amari Myles as Corey Forbes
Phillip Jarrett as Paul Forbes
Lindy Booth as Holly Culverson
Sonja Smits as Cynthia Hodge
Jim Codrington as Troy Johnson
John Neville as The Seeker

In 2007, a shuttle crew is on a routine mission in space when, without a clue at the cause, the Earth implodes. A mysterious alien, who calls himself 'the seeker', sends the five living crew members 5 years back into the past by 'downloading' their memory patterns. They try to find out why Earth was destroyed, hoping to be able to change history. But being back in their own past is not easy, and protecting the planet from an unknown enemy within is no piece of cake either ...

Mysterious, well executed Sci-Fi adventure!

It's a real pity the show was canceled after only one season. It had definite potential. Odyssey 5 is good because it is different and original. An intriguing idea. They started out pretty well too, considering the start-up difficulties many other shows had (e.g. Star Trek: TNG). Sadly, Odyssey 5 was never given the time to fully develop its potential.

I think one of the many fascinating things about the show are the relationships between the crew: they are all quite different and don't always get on so well. They argue, disagree, and try to go about things differently. They did not chose to work together. And yet they have to because they have no choice. And still they stick together to save the planet.

Thus, Odyssey 5 is also a drama show in many ways. It deals not only with things happening, but also with ordinary people who try to manage their daily lives.

It's interesting to watch how they deal with being back in their own past, reliving things that were long past for them, and struggling to prevent things that are going to go wrong in their lives (like Sarah trying to save her little son from dying). At the same time, they are trying to save the Earth. What is special about Odyssey 5 is that the characters are all very human.

Many of the show's themes deal with the nature of time. Time is a melleable entity on the show: little things they do change the future without their intention, while others remain the same although they try to interfere.

It's the same with good Sci-Fi shows. No matter how much we complain, they constantly cancel good shows way before their time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ...
5 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:
Originally, the plot was designed to last five seasons.

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