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>> Glory Days
        USA 2002


English Title:
CSL - Crime Scene Lake Glory

Also Known As:
released on DVD under the title "Demontown"

First Aired (US):
January 16, 2002 on WB

Last Aired (US):
March 25, 2002

First Aired (Germany):
March 16, 2005 on RTL II

DVD releases:
Demontown (UK)
Demontown I, II, III (Germany)
Glory Days (4 DVDs) (Germany)

Running Time:
9 episodes à 45 minutes
1 Season

Kevin Williamson

Executive Producers:
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Billy Campbell
Kevin Williamson

Co-Executive Producer:
Randall Zisk

Eddie Cahill as Mike Dolan
Jay R. Ferguson as Sheriff Rudy Dunlop
Poppy Montgomery as Ellie Sparks
Emily VanCamp as Sam Dolan
Amy Stewart as Sara Dolan
Frances Fisher as Mitzi Dolan
Theresa Russell as Hazel Walker
Ben Crowley as Zane Walker
Robert Rosado as William O'Donnell

#1 Tod auf der Fähre (Grim Ferry Tale)
#2 Besessen (The Devil Made Me Do It)
#3 Die Wahrsagerin (MissFortune Teller)
#4 Tod, Lügen und Video (Death, Lies and Videotape)
#5 Die Verlorenen (The Lost Girls)
#6 Rudy unter Verdacht (Everybody Loves Rudy)
#7 Gestorben und Verborgen (There Goes The Neighborhood)
#8 Schönheit kann sehr teuer sein (No Guts, No Glory)
#9 Der Böse Clown (Clowning Glory)
#10 not aired (Cirque de So Dead)

Writer Mike Dolan has had great success with his best-selling book Glory Days, where he tried to come to terms with his father's mysterious death. Back in his hometown on Glory Island, most people resent him for it because they so obviously were the basis for the characters (which is not exactly flattering). When he returns home due to an anonymous letter, he is reminded just how scary small-town Glory can really be as more and more mysterious murders occur ...

Another brilliant show that ended after only a half season. I really don't understand why. It has lots of chemistry, thrilling story lines, and is fun to watch. Okay, so Glory Days gets a little icky at times, and very scary, but its many other assets make up for it. The characters are likeable and interesting because there is so much going on between them and a lot going on in their past that affects them still. Very cool!

Unfortunately, there is only such a small number of episodes. I really wish they had done more with the show. It's real good.
5 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:
Of the 13 episodes that were produced, only 9 were aired.

The opening theme is the song "Excess" by Tricky

Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

I would recommend buying the 4-discs Glory Days-Box. The Demontown DVDs contain only 7 episodes of the 9 that were aired, somehow cut together like a film.

Small towns lure evil. Welcome to Glory: Population ... Dwindling

There's the old myth, 'you can never go home again,' but what if home is the only place you can always go to?