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>> Earth: Final Conflict
        USA 1997-2002


German Title:
Mission Erde - Sie sind unter uns

First Aired (US):
October 6, 1997 on Syndicated

Last Aired (US):
May 20, 2002

First Aired (Germany):
June 3, 1999 on Vox

Running Time:
110 episodes à 41 minutes
5 Seasons

Kevin Kilner as William Boone
Richard Chevolleau as Augur
Lisa Howard as Lili Marquette
Leni Parker as Da'an
Anita LaSelva as So'or
Von Flores as Ronald Sandoval
David Hemblen as Jonathan Doors
Robert Leeshock as Liam Kincaid

Also Starring:
William De Vry as Joshua Doors
Melinda Deines as Street
Majel Barret as Dr. Belman
Kari Matchett as Agent Beckett

In the year 2008, androgynous aliens who call themselves Taelons have eliminated war, hunger, and disease on Earth. Many worship them like gods, but a resistance movement forms that doubts the aliens' motives.
When police captain William Boone is offered a job as Taelon Protector, i.e. the personal bodyguard of the North American Taelon Companion Da'an, the resistence recruits him as a double agent ...

While the first season was brilliant, entertaining and provoking, the quality spiraled down to non-existance. Of mediocre execution, the other 4 seasons unfortunately began to replace most of the major characters (mostly not for the better) and turned extremely implausible and silly. It's a pity considering how well they started out, but the last four seasons are not worth watching.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:
Based on ideas by Gene Rodenberry.