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- Star Trek
Reviews of Star Trek novels dealing with Q, McCoy, or Data ...

- Quantum Leap
Reviews of the Quantum Leap book series

2. Stories & Writing
>> Essays

- How To Write Fan Fiction Properly
An essay on Fan Fiction and writing

- Scribo, Ergo Sum
I write, therefore I am! What writing means to me and why ...

- Vageries of Timetravel
Why the concept of timetravel gives us so much trouble ...

- The vampyr - A Study on the Undead
An essay on vampires and the origin of vampire legends.

>> Writing Aids

- Expressions for Conversations
A list of words writers can use in their stories instead of 'said'

3. TV shows & movies
- TV shows
Have a closer look at some of the best scifi, action, and fantasy TV shows

- Movies
Reviews of the best filmes of all times

- Wallpaper
Get wallpapers with pictures of various TV shows and movies

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Learn about the webmistress

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>> The Qnatum Leap Corner

--> A large part of my HP is dedicated to the Universal TV series Quantum Leap. Click here to get to the QL Corner Index page